Terms and Conditions

This document is a basic overview of our Terms of Services. If you subscribe for our services, you are agreeing to our terms of services. In case of violation of this agreement your services will be suspended immediately with no chance of refund.

All instance of “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to VPSFortune or any other party legally authorized by VPSFortune. Whereas “You”, “Your”,  “client” or “customer” refer to the person who purchase our services or legally allowed to act on behalf of such person.

Acceptable Usage:

All of our services must be used for legal purposes only. Violation of any law in US will considered as revocation of this agreement.  Following are the examples of such illegal or prohibited activities but the scope of this is not limited to these activities:

  • Denial of Services attacks (DoS)
  • Port Scanning
  • Usage of TOR
  • Hosting pirated content
  • Hosting any kind of pornography
  • Spoofing
  • Phishing or Hacking activities
  • Trojans
  • Distribution of viruses

Server Backups:

VPSFortune do not take any responsibility to take backup of our client’s data. It is client’s responsibility to take periodic backup of their data and keep them in secure place.

Traffic Usage:

All our accounts have predetermined amount of traffic allowance. We may notify you once your account is close to your usage limit. So that you can upgrade your account as per your requirement.

Account Deactivation:

In case of non payment, at next billing cycle your account will be immediately suspended.

Server Abuse:

Any attempt to harm our servers or attempt to attack other users server, will result in immediate cancellation of your services without any chance of refund.

Technical Usage:

Hosting or running any script that tests our CPU upto maximum capacity, mining, cryptocurrency related activities, crawling, scraping or running any scripts that performs extensive number of network request for example brute force attacks, any attempt to manipulate or interfere other networks, such activities are strictly prohibited. Cancellation of account or other strict action will be taken.